Visits undertaken


30/01/17 Simon Sheridan – School Talk

25/01/17 Simon Sheridan – Stoke Goldington C of E First School

23/01/17 Simon Sheridan – Beachborough School, Westbury

14/12/16 Simon Sheridan – School Talk

30/11/16 Simon Sheridan – Two school visits

16/11/16 Monica Grady  – Two school workshops –  St. Andrews, Great Lindford

10/11/16 Simon Green – Outreach

10/11/16 Roy Adkin – Show and Tell at OU

31/10/16 Ian Franchi – Queenie Chan

29/10/16 Ben Dryer – Outreach

27/10/16 Roy Adkin – Nigel Mason visitors

20/10/16 Simon Sheridan – School Talk

18/10/16 Simon Sheridan – Teacher CPD

28/09/16 Ian Franchi – STEM Launch – Faculty Showcase

16/08/16 Ben Dryer – Bletchley Park Museum of Computing

29/06/16 Laura Brooker – Astronomical Society (Bedford) Meeting

16/06/16 Simon Sheridan – School Visit

24/05/16 Taff Morgan – Welsh Assembly

20/05/16 Simon Sheridan- School Visit

16/05/16 Ulrich Kolb -Research Visit

11/05/2016 Simon Sheridan – School Visit

09/05/16 Laura Brooker Mercury Transit Fest

26/04/16 Alan Cayless Two talks to astronomy groups

25/04/16 Simon Sheridan, School visit

18/04/16 Ben Dryer Schools presentation

01/04/16 Michael Goodyear Geology club presentation

30/03/16 Simon Sheridan School visit

22/03/16 Michael Goodyear Presentation to club

17/03/16 Simon Sheridan School Visit

15/03/16 Richard Greenwood Christ Church Cathedral School, Oxford (Reception)

10/03/16 Simon Sheridan School visit

09/03/16 Ross Burgon House of Parliament, London

07/03/16 Dave Rothery lunar sample only

02/03/16 Simon Sheridan School visit

26/02/16 Diane Turner School visit

24/02/16 Monica Grady William Perkin School, Greenford

15/02/16 Laura Brooker Kids to Work/Lab Tours

12/02/16 Roy Adkin Nakhla (for just 2 hours)

09/02/12 Simeon Barber, Long Meadow School

05/02/16 Matthew Lewis Leicester Space Centre, Graduate Space Industry Careers Fair

04/02/16 Alex Price School visit

11/12/15 Dave Rothery Lunar sample for workshop

08/12/15 Simon Sheridan School visit

08/12/15 Monica Grady Nakhla specimen for filming

02/12/15 Simon Sheridan School visit

24/11/15 Simon Sheridan Norfolk Amateur Astronomy Group talk

24/11/15 Roy Adkin Work Experience Students, Science and Technology, Open University

17/11/15 Monica Grady Science Club, William Perkin School, Greenford

15/11/15 Simon Sheridan Porchester School

09/11/15 Simon Sheridan Church End School, Enshott.

23/10/15 Karen Olsen Mursley School

22/10/15 Simon Sheridan Portsfield School, Newport Pagnell

11/10/15 Monica Grady William Perkin School Greenford; Stratford Astronomical Society

08/10/15 Andrew Morse Isle of Man school and astronomy society

07/10/15 Ian Franchi Open University visitors

02/10/15 Roy Adkin Edge Hill University, Liverpool

30/09/15 Susanne Schwenzer Nakhla only Student Hub

29/09/15 Tom Barrett Open University Japanese class

28/09/15 Simon Kelley for Vice Chancellor’sTalk

23/09/15 Roy Adkin Ogden trust 6th formers visit

06/08/15 Roy Adkin Filming for OU in relation to Perseid meteors

23/07/15 Geraint Morgan Visitors to Open University

16/07/15 Laura Brooker Outreach with school in observatory

11/07/15 Roy Adkin Space Conference in Liverpool

03/07/15 (part) Roy Adkin Walton High

03/07/15 (part) Claremont Fan Court School Open Day Surrey

02/07/17 Roy Adkin Walton High Space Day

22/06/15 Monica Grady Lectures in Dublin and Belfast

12/06/15 Laura Brooker National Space Center, Leicester

15/05/15 Laurence Bilton St Paul’s School

13/05/15 Roy Adkin School visit to Open University

27/04/15 Andrew Morse, Middlesex University BPI

23/04/15 Monica Grady Bedford High School

22/04/15 Roy Adkin Walton High School

09/04/15 Monica Grady Edinburgh Science Festival

07/04/15 Andrew Morse Wiltshire Astronomical Society

23/03/15 Simon Sheridan Norfolk Astronomy Club talk

20/03/15 Roy Adkin, Outreach activity

13/03/2015 Tim Ringrose, Langton Green School, Kent

06/03/15 Richard Greenwood, Christ Church School, Oxford

04/03/15 Roy Adkin, Walton High, Milton Keynes

27/02/15 Alan Cayless, Great North Museum, Newcastle

09/02/15 Jessica Barnes and Ross Burgon, 2nd Space Industry Careers Fair, Leicester Space Centre

05/02/15 Simon Sheridan, School visit (Gibeon and lunar meteorite)

03/02/15 Diane Turner, Pendragon Primary School, Papworth Everard

29/01/2015 Monica Grady, Middlesex University for SmashFEST.

28/01/2015 Andrew Morse and Simon Sheridan, Science Museum Lates Event

23/01/2015 Adam Stevens, Surrey Explorers

22/01/2015 Ian Franchi, Open University Student Assocaition tour of NanoSIMS lab

14/01/2015 Richard Greenwood, Bushfield School, Milton Keynes – Year 5 workshops

13/01/2015 Natalie Starkey, Stowe School

19/12/2014 Tim Ringrose, S283 Tutorial

18/12/2014 Roy Adkin, Brodswerd School

15/12/2014 Jess Barnes, Science Matters

12/12/2014 Stephen Lewis, School visit

18/11/2014 Victoria Pearson, Premier Academy

03/10/14 Monica Grady, Nahkla for public lecture

02/10/14 Roy Adkin, Sixth form visit to Open University

25/09/2014 Monica Grady, VIP visit to the Open University

15/09/2014 Richard Greenwood, Talk to the Chipping Norton Amateur Astronomy Group

06/09/2014 Geraint Morgan, St, Paul’s School visit

26/08/2014 Geraint Morgan, Visitors for Martin Bean (OU Vice-Chancellor)

17/07/2014 Natalie Starkey, Vice-Chancellor donor’s event

16/07/2014 Ian Franchi, St. Mary and St. Giles School, Milton keynes

09/07/2014 Roy Adkin, Delegation of students from China

28/06/2014 Roy Adkin and Elliot Curtis-Harper, OUSA presentation in OU library

09/06/2014 Jean-David Bodenan, Stanton School

20/05/2014 Natalie Starkey, Polam Hall School, Darlington

05/04/2014 Beth Steer, St Pauls School, Milton Keynes

13/04/2014 Simon Sheridan, Outreach

24/03/2014, Simon Sheridan, Technical presentation at Open University

18/03/2014, Roy Adkin and Elliot Curtis-Harper, Cafe Scientifique

08/03/2014 Jess Barnes and Beth Sterr, Astro Night at the Open University

04/03/2014 Richard Greenwood, Christ Church School, Oxford (Reception and Year one)

27/02/2014 Natalie Starkey, Martin Bean and visitors, NanoSIMS lab.

24/02/2014 Jean-David Bodenan, Husborne Crawley Lower School

19/02/2014 Jean-David Bodenan, “kids at work” lab tour

18/02/2014 Geraint Morgan, Outreach activity

09/02/2014 Louisa Preston, Parkside Primary School, Kent (Gibeon and Nakhla).

06/02/2014 Roy Adkin, Emesly Valley School.

04/02/2014 Louisa Preston, Wellington College, Talk (Gibeon and Nakhla).

28/01/2014 Tim Ringrose, Tutorial S283

24/01/2014 Adam Stevens, Broughton Junior School, Space Night.

17/01/2014 Natalie Starkey, Redbull team visit to NanoSIMS lab.

03/01/2014 John Zarnecki, BBC Radio Oxford Will Gompertz programme

16/12/2013 Samantha Rolfe, Scout Meeting (Newport 5th)

17/12/2013 Richard Greenwood, Open University First Year PhD meteorite talk.

02/12/2013 Louisa Preston, Talk at The Lightbox Gallery, Woking

28/11/2013 Josh Snape, Outreach event

27/11/2013 Jean-David Bodenan, Outreach event.

20/11/2013 Bett Steer, Outreach event.

21/11/2013 Josh Snape, School visit.

07/11/2013 Josh Snape, Premier Academy School, Open University visit.

25/10/2013 Natalie Starkey, For use with visitors to Dept. of Physcical Sciences, OU.

17/09/2013 Geraint Morgan,  For use with visitors to Dept. of Physcical Sciences, OU.

20/08/2013 Diane Johnson, VIP visit to the Open University.

07/08/2013 Josh Snape, Outreach activity.

31/07/2013 Dan Andrews, Outreach activity.

15/07/2013 Josh Snape and Victoria Pearson, UK Space Conference

11/07/2013 Josh Snape, Outreach activity.

10/07/2013 Josh Snape, Outreach activity.

08/07/2013 Victoria Pearson, Chinese visitors with John Zarnecki.

02/07/2013 Monica Grady, Visitos to NanoSIMS lab.

24/06/2013 Geraint Morgan, Outreach activity.

18/06/2013 Louisa Preston, Fosters and Partners talk, London.

14/06/2013 Simon Sheridan, Outreach activity.

12/06/2013 John Zarnecki and Geraint Morgan, Visitors to the Open University.

23/05/2013 Nicola Potts, Outreach activity.

16/05/2013 Simon Green, Outreach activity.

15/05/2013 Adam Stevens, Outreach activity.

26/04/2013 Tim Ringrose, OU tutorial.

25/04/2013 Geraint Morgan, Outreach activity.

15/04/2013 Natralie Starkey, Cafe Scientific and Women’s Institute, Bath.

08/04/2013 Kathryn McDermott, Outreach activity.

05/04/2013 Simon Green. Outreach activity.

27/03/2013 Kathryn McDermott, Outreach activity.

23/03/2013 Kathryn McDermott, Outreach activity.

22/03/2013 Kathryn McDermott, Outreach activity.

21/03/2013 Rebecca Wolsey, Outreach activity.

19/03/2013 Kathryn McDermott, Olney scouts.

13/03/2013 Andrew Morse, Highgate School talk.

11/03/2013 Tim Ringrose, Sittingbourne Scouts.

07/03/2013 Natalie Starkey, Headsqueeze YouTube.

06/03/2013 Richard Greenwood Christ Church School.

05/03/2013 Richard Greenwood, Open University Physics and Astronomy PhD Students.

28/02/2013 Tim Rigrose, Dover Grammer School.

25/02/2013 Matt Balme, Lindslade Lower School

21/02/2013 Richard Greenwood, Filming for Channel Four “Meteor Strike” documentary.

18/02/2013 Richard Greenwood, Filming for Dicovery Channel, Canada.

15/02/2013 Natalie Starkey, BBC News, London.

14/02/2013 Natalie Starkey, BBS Horizon Programme, Asteroid programme.

11/02/2013 Natalie Starkey, Cafe Scientific Reading.

10/01/2013 Louisa Preston, Star Gazing Live event. (part of colection)

10/01/2013 Richard Greenwood, Filming BBC Star Gazing Live.















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