The Open University outreach meteorite collection

We are fortunate enough to have a collection of meteorite hand specimens, specifically for the purpose of outreach and public engagement.

This site contains information about the samples we have and events we have taken them to.

Some of the people involved…

Richard Greenwood


Richard’s research concerns the formation and early evolution of the Solar System. His work principally involves high-precision oxygen isotope analysis of meteorites and other extraterrestrial materials. He is also actively involved in the characterisation and classification of new meteorites. Richard’s outreach blog: Meteorites: The Blog from the Final Frontier.

Diane Johnson

daine photo

Diane Johnson is a Post Doctoral Research Associate funded by AHRC and a Project Officer funded by STFC at the Open University in Milton Keynes. She is the principle researcher on the iron from the sky project which explores the perception of iron in ancient Egypt and the potential influence of meteorites within this subject. She also specializes in the application of Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscopy (FIBSEM) to space materials.

Natalie Starkey

Natalie Starkey photo

Natalie analyses small cometary and meteoritic samples with a NanoSIMS, which is a type of mass spectrometer that measures different elements and isotopes. Isotopes can trace the processes acting on these reservoirs over large and small scales in the early Solar System, helping to piece together the history of how the planets and other Solar System bodies formed. Comets also contain organic material which can help us to understand how the initial seeds for life may have been delivered to Earth. Natalie is also a registered STEM ambassador. Natalie’s Blog.

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