Outreach Meteorites do double duty in Scotland

Stirling 29th April_0261

After travelling millions of miles through  space to reach the Earth, the meteorites in the outreach collection made  a further trip to Scotland last week (April 28th and 29th).

Following a brief presentation on the origins of different types of  meteorites, members of the Troon and Sterling astronomical societies had hands-on encounters with the meteorites in the collection.  One  member even commented on the smell !

The collection has recently been updated with some fragments of the Chelyabinsk  meteorite which fell in February 2013, making for a bang up to date  presentation.   Thank you to Richard Greenwood for maintaining the  collection and organising shipment.

Alan Cayless
May 2016

Now follow the link to read what the Astronomers of the Future Club, Troon wrote about Alan’s visit: AOTF Club, Troon 

AOTF 28th April 2016 by LLunan 022image: http://www.anluchtlonrach.netTroon 29th April_0253

The talk even made the local press:

Troon Times%2c April 2016 meeting

Ayrshire Post%2c April 2016 meeting

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